Full-Stack Developer, Musician, Designer

About Me

Scotty Jacobson

"Living at the intersection of music and technology...
It doesn't always look pretty, but the soundtrack keeps me going"

I’m a NYC-based developer, currently helping build the future of video at Interlude.

I graduated Tufts in May 2015 with a CS degree and a minor in Music Engineering, spent the summer as Lead Engineer of a doomed startup, and finally stumbled upon a perfect fit at Interlude.

In the past, I helped work on iZotope’s Iris 2 (look for me in the promo video!) as part of my internship at iZotope in 2014. Before joining the workforce, I worked on a few closed-source projects and websites for clients as a freelance developer.

You can see some projects I’ve worked on below, or see code that I’ve open-sourced at my GitHub.

When I’m not coding, I’m probably working on music - from my days in a high school band playing festivals, to most recently producing and releasing music independently, music has always been my go-to art form. On that note, more coming soon. . .


Contact Me

Feel free to email/tweet/message me with projects, career opportunities, or complaints about my website.